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LED display technology in the field of application
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Since the fine Luminescence of LED, LED components can not only cause direct display of equipment, in recent years, LED has also been gradually introduced into the existing flat-panel display technology, in particular liquid crystal display technology, are very likely to be LED by a Monopoly industries. LED backlight color saturation better, fast response time, Louguang effect of the weaker. If by increasing the contrast, regional and other means of control, performance much better than cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). And the cold cathode fluorescent lamps containing mercury and other harmful substances, LED comparison more environmental advantages.  LED has been in many mobile devices used by small-size panels in popularity.¡£ And notebook computers and large-size LCD TV panels with backlight LED industry will be the next heavyweight applications.  
 At present LED technology in the field of LCD applications, mainly using alternative LED LED components before the CCFL fluorescent light, as the LCD backlight equipment.  And if we once again broken down, it can be issued in accordance with the LED light colors, divided into white LED backlighting and RGB-LED backlighting two.  
 White LED backlighting technology  
 Above, we have referred to the LED in the development process is one of the breakthrough can be achieved the goal of a white light.  LCD equipment in the imaging principle, a white backlight, a liquid crystal layer, and then through the R / G / B color filter membrane, become independent of the primary colors. In this process, the final decision color liquid crystal display equipment is not the key liquid crystal layer, but the backlight LED quality.  Backlight each of the RGB primary color spectrum of light the higher the purity, in the final order to restore the more pure colors, only to restore the pure RGB three primary colors can be deployed to the pure and true color effect.

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