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Based on the RTOS design of solar hot water control system
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    With embedded technology development and strengthening of a growing number of SCM in use to achieve the RTOS (real-time operating system a lot of assignments), embedded, multi-task mechanism to improve the efficiency of system operation and reduce the response time used by .  As embedded application on the basis of the industrial centre of chip design and application-oriented software development, real-time multi-task operating system embedded into the industrial history of the significance of no less than a third of Machinery Industry view of the contribution of the embedded software And accelerate the standardization of knowledge and innovation is a milestone.  RTOS has the following advantages.

 ¢Ù RTOS is a very high reliability and credibility of the real-time kernel, the central controller of time, interruption, input and output, timers, and other resources are packing up, leaving users of a standard application programming interfaces, and in accordance with the mandate of the Priority, a reasonable distribution of the different tasks between the central controller of time.

 ¢Ú RTOS as a software development platform is very desirable, based on the RTOS on the C language program is of great portability. According to expert estimates, RTOS on the outstanding inter-processor platform for transplant procedures, only need to amend the 1% to 5% of the content.

 The introduction of ¢Û RTOS, embedded software development to solve the problem of standardization. With the embedded system software in the proportion rising, more and more applications, the developers, application programming interfaces, file proceedings in the organization and management will become a big issue.  RTOS equivalent to the introduction of the introduction of a new management model for the development of units and personnel development is a raise.

 The programme from the district and how to better solve the complex life of the residents of the problem with hot water, use of green energy as the main source of solar energy to the floor, integrated control unit, to provide users with hot water.  This is not only convenient life, filling out the traditional stand-alone water heaters, the potential safety problems, also facilitates the owners of centralized management and planning.

 A system Overview

 The solar hot water control system for solar energy, heat outdoors on the roof collector in the water.  After warming was heating the water cycle through the valve into the large water storage tanks, and then gravity at small water storage tanks, water tanks in a small supplementary energy to maintain a constant temperature, the device will further boost through the water to individual households. The system in the state of default, automatic control mode to judge the four valves (the main control point) the work of state, may also require staff to manually control.  Working through the main terminal to complete the operation of the control panel and the system of interaction. The panel will display real-time display system and the work of the various parameters of data for the reference staff.  Water tanks and a high degree of heat required to open the valve when the temperature of 12, and other system parameters, we can control the operation of the control panel box on the set-up and read through the display devices, can also remote monitoring of computer interface settings and view.  Taking into account the promotion of the northern region, the system also set the paramete

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