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The subdivision of solar water heaters defects and solutions
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    As the market matures solar energy, solar brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce, product innovation and the development of enterprises of various veterans of the heavy hearts. Starting in 2005, several of the 10 solar water heater manufacturers started developing a big one opened the subdivision have hot water solar water heaters, and some called variable-capacity water heaters, while others called capsule solar water heaters, They have one thing in common, that is, a solar water heater is divided into a number of module, like spaceships.  Such solar water heater with its innovative, practical and unique charm to attract many solar dealers throughout the country joined.  However, some products to market, but anticipated, frequent failures, not the normal consumer use, the phenomenon of Return replacement frequent occurrence.  Its birth defects and shortcomings, so that the majority of consumers and the manufacturers were racking their brains. Below, the author of the subdivision on the solar defects and solutions with the broad solar energy industry friends to do in-depth study.

 First, we have to find out what is the subdivision of solar water heaters.  The subdivision of solar water heaters, water tanks, in a few months, the provision of water tanks, water tanks, each in both vacuum tube, with all the cold water in the tank by the respective water tanks within the vacuum tube to heating and the adjacent by the diversion of water between the link.  The solar water heaters and room for the two pipelines linked to a cold water pipe, a water pipe, the use must be open to the water inlet valve and the valve.  Cold water from the cold-water pipe into the primary water tanks, water in the primary tanks entered two water tanks, two water tanks of hot water tanks entered the terminal.  The end of a hot water tank to the mouth relatively high temperature, the water temperature in the cabin followed, the primary water temperature is relatively low.  Electric auxiliary water heater is at the bottom end or side of the resettlement.
 The analysis of the subdivision of the advantages of solar water heaters are the following:

 1. An open water there, stop wasting water, toiletries reduce waiting time;
 2. Full use of water, including the vacuum tube in the hot water can also be used, and more than one-third of ordinary solar hot water heaters;
 3. Tank is always full, and avoid sudden cold water deep into the water, wind and solar water heaters overturned mainframe;
 4. With more guts, the same water, without docking, ease of installation;
 5. Water-single module or two modules, auxiliary heating, hot water users under the control of the scope of water, greatly improving the efficiency of electric heating;
 6. Overcome low installation position, the issue of inadequate water pressure;
 7. Sunshine in the winter or inadequate, it will automatically absorb water tanks in front of the terminal to heat water tanks were cumulative, and wherever there are water, and truly become a solar water heater with two.
 Now, let us look at the subdivision of this type solar water heater, because of birth defects and environmental constraints, in real life the problems in the use of:
 1. Into cold water to the hot water, cold water if the pressure is too small, Xiabulai hot water;
 2. Cold water pressure changes, which results in hot and cold water temperature and heat shock not constant;
 3. Sudden cold water, causing water absorption deflated end;
 4. Maintenance demolition valves, water tanks within easy absorption deflated.

 These are often the defects so that the customers of the products lost confidence.  In fact the subdivision of the advantages of solar water heater is more than flaws. Well, how kind to this product can be technically mature, and can use the benefit of consumers?  Next, I turn to the shortcomings of the kind of solar products solutions (shown).


 1. Pressure instability and rural areas, the installation of a stainless steel towers, and for solar water heaters, water tanks, as well as bathing Gunshui use, lower cost, in less than 300 yuan.  However, we should pay attention to, the installation process should be higher than the tower in solar water heater tanks for more than 1 m good;
 2. Tanks in the connection between the upper moved from the bottom, and then the installation of hot dogs;
 3. Early-fill water tanks installed at the top of the water tanks, the valves always open, and at the edge with pay;
 4. Indoor installation of solar water heater thermostat device;
 5. Installation of solar hot water circulation pump water heaters.

 Above methods, you can choose one of three kinds of the above, we can solve the problems in the use.  This changed, and the above-mentioned on the subdivision of solar water heaters different, it did not have the cold water restrictions do not need cold water to the top, even if there is no cold water, the water will be the same, it will not damage the tank . There are so many advantages, the subdivision solar water heater can be circulated in the market a brilliant shining light.

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