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Solar hot water pipeline existing problems and solutions
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    The current solar water heaters, widespread winter channel "freeze blocking" phenomenon, solar water tanks of water, high temperature, but there are 1-2 cm pipeline of ice, water pipes will not be able to water from top to bottom, causing solar''dormant''. Commonly used in the past, with businessmen tropical of ice, waste a lot of water in the water heater and electric energy. solar pipeline resolve "frozen block" is a tropical, with ease, there is no way approach, emptying pipeline is the only way to the end. because heating, the only one of the outdoor solar pipeline, not the indoor pipeline . Pipeline valves allow the use of solar hot water emptying of all air, water unfrozen.
The idea of emptying valve: 
Based on solar energy pipelines, must meet two conditions:
Shut the solar hot water in the water tank, solar hot water pipeline to the inlet.
For the above reasons, Inlet there were two methods:
Inlet and the external tank within the tank inlet
block in the solar hot water cisterns have also emerged two methods:

Machinery and electronic solenoid valve
water shutoff valve inlet and the combination of:
Electromagnetic valve inlet and external tank through the use of the combination has failed.
The reasons for failure:
The external tank inlet into the trachea, to have water intake opportunity. Winter -20 degrees, with water on the ice, into the trachea ice, water in the pipeline will not be able to emptying. 

Shut the solar hot water in the tank must have strong momentum, as the reasons for water quality, easy inlet-outlet junction furring, electromagnetic valve closure lax, so that the water pipeline can not emptying. Emptying solenoid valve which caused the failure.
The best combination: 
Solar water in the water tank temperature high, the internal inlet water tanks, no freeze intake manifold block, will always be able to maintain a smooth, free water can be discharged, no water pipes will not freeze. 
Machinery and Electronic valve in a 12 V 5W miniature motors, variable speed through the gears, the power output increased promote the silicone pad plunger to block water in the water tank, the air vents at the same time plunger and the atmosphere connected to the pipeline flow into containers, so as to achieve "pipe emptying antifreeze."
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