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Solar powered lights Circuit Low Loss
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    1 shows solar lamp circuit is a low-loss circuit, the use of a 7 W 4-pin CFL (small fluorescent lamp) and a 12 V, 7-Ahr sealed maintenance-free batteries.  Inverter efficiency greater than 85%, the quiescent current of less than 2 mA. It has a battery with a discharge protection and over-charge protection function parallel Charge Controller. Low quiescent current, and over-discharge protection among overcharge protection ensure long battery life.  The inverter can be avoided CFL preheat function at both ends of black, thus extending its life.  This circuit can be used in rural areas, a reliable compact portable light source, used for emergency lights in the city system.Parallel charge controller circuit including IC1 (low-current 2.5 V voltage reference LM385) and IC2 (LM324 comparator).  With a resistor R1 to R8 and Transistor Q1 of IC2A prevent the battery discharge.

Figure 1, this solar-powered Electric actuator can be used as emergency lighting system.

¡¡¡¡When the battery voltage below 10.8 V, the circuit cut off load (inverter and the lamp), and thus prevent the battery discharge. In the absence of load conditions, the battery discharge voltage of about 12.2 V, Therefore, in order to prevent oscillation phenomena, provided by the discharge circuit voltage of 1.23 V reset.  Red LED LED1 instructions low voltage state.  With a resistor R9 - R14 and Transistor Q2 of IC2B prevent a rechargeable battery.  When the battery voltage over 14.8 V, Q2 conduction, and the solar array adjacent flow, and thus prevent a rechargeable battery.  When the battery voltage below 12.5 V, Q2 deadline, the array of solar panels to charge batteries.  D2 was a reverse blocking diode.  It can prevent battery in solar cells do not produce power when the solar cells discharge.  Huang LED LED2 instructions battery fully charged.  Green LED LED3 and IC2c and resistor R15 to R20 together to provide charging instructions.

¡¡¡¡ Tables 1, 2, 3 identifies the circuit magnetic components of the core and windings data.  Inverters use a MOSFET switching device for the Class D push-pull, drive circuit, IC3 (SG3524) drives the inverter.  The structure can be driven in various circumstances to ensure trouble-free start-up circuit.
¡¡¡¡ Switching frequency is about 26 kHz.  Q6 and resistance R29, R30, R31 and capacitor C10 together constitute the preheating circuit.  In addition to 12 V, 7-Ahr sealed maintenance-free batteries, the circuit also uses a piece of 10 W, 12V of single crystal silicon solar panels.

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