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Improve the efficiency of solar energy surfaces of the latest solutions
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    Not long ago in order to understand our solar lawn production process and technology, including Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Beijing, such as the 26 manufacturers of solar lawn conducted relevant technical advice, as well as to more intuitive understanding of the features of the product at this stage, and some vendors link was now on the market the more common solar lawn several samples.  In the conventional use of the samples in the testing process, discovered some products are almost all existing problems, including the efficiency of solar lawn problem is particularly evident.  Tested under the same working environment in the same products, gym open conditions, the brightness of luminescent light and the time can vary, the most obvious gap is three times.  The same products there such a problem can explain what?  Product consistency poor.
  Solar lawn will be split, we found that the majority of current solar lawn mainly by the structure of control circuit, solar panels, LED, rechargeable batteries and lamps shell five components, in addition to the other four lamps shell will be part of the selection decision, directly or indirectly, the product quality. Which is the more crucial part of control circuit, it has a direct impact on the solar gym working conditions. After a full study of solar lawn we will analyze the circuit principle will be the largest power in the 1 v parameters of the following products than right, approved the most appropriate data.  According to this data will be designed a charging circuit, the driving circuit, photosensitive control and frequency modulation circuit fully integrated solar recorder controller, the controller will allow most of the solar market products in the gym working on the efficiency and consistency achieved a significant upgrade. Below the control of the relevant parameters and characteristics for your reference: 

    (IV0101) Product names LED driver chip (IV0101)
   Electronic Components products Keywords DC / DC converter chip LED driver integrated circuit semiconductor chip <BR> Product Description IV0101 arrival is a very quiescent current, high efficiency step-up DC-DC converter chips, which for single, dual alkaline batteries and lithium batteries provide an ideal application equipment conversion.
  Main Specifications:
  Ultra-low quiescent current 36 uA
  3.6 V input 4.5 V or 2.4 V input output 3.3 V output, support 400 mA output current
    1.2 V input output of 3.6 V, 100 mA output current support
    91% from the efficiency of the two batteries 3.3 V output
    large input voltage of 0.9 V-5.5V
  3.3 V fixed or adjustable output
    integrated synchronous rectifier: 0.4 Ω
  Switch on-resistance of 0.4 ohms
  The elimination of inductor switching technology
    concussion high-current protection sensors 
     logic control
    closed in the following low-voltage 0.85 V low self-locking
    potential induction
    single battery applications, operating voltage of 0.9 V to be the lowest
  High conversion efficiency up to 93%
  PFM + PWM adapt to different load
    maximum load currents up to 350 mA
  Package SOP8L
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