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Moxa UC-7110 in the application of solar power
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    UC7110 - a small, programmable, and the serial-meter Ethernet data transmission to the intelligent communications server Background: As the world's population continuing to grow and continue to build the plant, how to provide adequate electricity, as everyone Growing concern. Solar collection become more and more the support of environmental protection, are now gradually becoming a hot topic.

 Solar system uses rooftop solar panels absorb solar energy.  Solar panels will be the role of solar energy is converted into electrical energy.¡£ Electric energy control devices, through the RS-485 serial data will be sent.  More and more of the power companies use the Internet to monitor and control this new type of renewable energy systems.  For this application, a programmable that the serial to Ethernet products need to RS-485 serial data into Ethernet data.
 Solutions: Moxa UC-7110 to provide an economic, effective programme serial data will be converted into Ethernet data.  This solution can be embedded in your own monitor and control protocol conversion software, embedded in the UC-7110 Intelligent communications server to control all power generation and consumption data.  As a pre-controller, UC-7110's small size more suitable for embedded applications, customize the software can be a variety of meter data loaded into the serial port Ethernet data format.  Therefore, you can use the UC-7110 to replace the PC, not only reduce costs, and system installation on the UC-7110 due to the small size can also get more space.
 UC-7110 is the small size of the Linux computer will be a simple application of existing under the Linux platform using Linux environment can reduce development and learning cycle UC-7110 as a pre-processor, reliable, no fans, no cable, can reduce the rate by maintenance The existing H / W and S / W can quickly design market

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