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Hotel programme of solar water heating projects
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    That is clean energy, civilian has been more common, but in a larger scale with the domestic hotel and hot water system, but also few.¡£ Hotels for energy conservation very seriously, which directly related to their overall costs.  But in general the hotel hot water project does not use solar energy, because solar water heating projects are too many external constraints, and the provision of water and water temperature can not meet the high demand for the stars.  If the use of electric heating, its energy consumption index remains at high-end, I was with the Department of Enterprise Technology, Engineering and hotel construction design institute in Yangzhou Lee Yang co-developed a new energy programme - the combination of solar and gas Heat mix with hot water system use.
 First, hotel solar hot water system and a device
¡£ Solar hot water system is the core of the solar water heaters, the use of solar energy, heating the vacuum tube in cold water.  Therefore, the installation, must take into account the sunshine; because the hotel attached great importance to the appearance of hot water so the development of hotel projects is the most appropriate with the contractor of the hotel's construction design institute to develop, to achieve near-perfect.  In this regard will not make too many introduced.

 Principle of a project

 Second, hotel equipment and its use of hot gas system

 Hotels, restaurants used by the fuel (gas) boilers, are mostly equipped with automatic machine burning the pot-boiler shell, while enhancing its thermal efficiency of the two main ways: First, reduce exhaust gas temperature, reduce exhaust losses and the other is Reduce heat loss, that is, the use of advanced thermal insulation and thermal insulation materials, insulation work well.  To further reduce heat loss, the need to increase additional heating surface, the use of waste heat gas to domestic water heating, solar water heaters and also for the flue gas heat recovery unit provides the possibility of integration.

 Third, solar water heating system and gas system using a combination of waste heat
 Because of commercial secret, the paper will not detail the specific data, mainly to provide readers with Principle of the project.

 Principle of 2 projects

 Based on the above description, the reader should be able to find this is a new hot water works programme, Yangzhou Tsinghua enterprises and holiday hotel and golf Lee Yang Building Design Institute of Development Cooperation of the hot water works, many experts have been highly praised and system A model, the water temperature in the experiment in the spring sunshine ordinary three hours, the hotel boiler of four hours under the circumstances, the water temperature can reach 92 degrees Celsius, to fully meet the needs of the hotel's hot water standards.  To do so, not only to reduce the environmental pollution, saving energy, the country.

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